“The War Cry of the New Era”
MARCH 20-23, 2019 Carlisle, PA
Together International Global Summit 2019
in Partnership with All Tribes DC
Vision for Arrows of Glory
This year the Lord has directed us to move the date of our yearly Arrows of Glory gathering (which is usually over Passover) to the time of the Feast of Purim. The date of this gathering will be March 20-23, 2019. The Lord has also directed us to call the gathering “The War Cry of The New Era.” A “War Cry” is a call made to rally soldiers for battle OR to gather together participants in a campaign. We believe that there is a great campaign of the Father’s intention in this season. He is forging a new charge instrument made up of every tribe, tongue, and nation that is called to release a fresh sound of awakening in the earth. We believe that this charge instrument is none other than His One New Man that He is forming and also releasing His Ruach Ha-Kodesh throughout the earth.

Also, we are very aware that the overwhelming majority of those joining us are chief musicians, psalmists, artists, minstrels, kingdom abolitionists and creative kingdom storytellers from Israel, First Nations, and the nations of the earth joining together “for such a time as this.” This is no coincidence! There is a global song of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah going forth that is causing an army of worshippers to tune up and tune in to this frequency of heaven and worship as one! These are the forerunners He is sending forth to release this War Cry and awaken his mighty army.

Please prayerfully consider standing with us as we gather in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a place of historic pain for the First Nations people and ground zero for the first federally released Indian boarding school which served as a model for all other boarding schools. Ten thousand First Nations sons and daughters were brought to this boarding school from all over Turtle Island with the mission to “kill the Indian but save the man.” We carry a vision to see 10,000 First Nations sons and daughters go forth as Arrows of Glory for the awakening of Turtle Island, the nations of the earth and even unto Israel.

In the past those who have joined us know that these gathering are much more than your traditional conference. Our gatherings are a collision of kingdom relationships, divine appointments, a cross pollination of life, destinies/purposes revealed AND a special reunion of His One New Man global family.

We look forward with excitement to being together with you soon.

Shalom and Blessings in Messiah,
David and Terri Rosen, Together International and All Tribes DC

                                                      Joining us 

 Chuck Pierce, Ray Hughes, Broken Walls-Jonathan Maracle and Bill Paragan, Jonathan and Jamie Fitt, Kirk Bennett, Torrey Marcel Harper, Dr. Greg Crawford, Brian Houston (Belfast Ireland), Chief Kenny Blacksmith,  Drs. Frederic and Susan Rowe,  Willie Jock, OKAMA (Dr. Girard and Peta Roberts), Larry and Jacqueline Pearson, Shilo Ben Hod (Israel), Mary Faus, Dr. Kathryn Holcomb, Alex and Brandi Castillo, Dr. Negiel Bigpond,  Ruth Willard, Martha Schmitt, Robby and Lindsey Cummings.


Day 1 Wednesday, March 20th 

1:00pm – Arrow School of Worship Registration Opens

2:00pm – Special Arrow School of Worship Session  with  Ray Hughes  

5:30pm – General  Registration Opens

7:00PM -Wednesday Evening 
Worship with Jamie and Jonathan Fitt  from Philadelphia Tabernacle of David 
Sharing Bessie Titus from  Athabasken Nation,  Alaska  &  Mary Faus from the Ojibwe-Cree Nation Ontario   Keynote Speaker.  DR Chuck Pierce 

Day 2 Thursday, March 21st

830Am  Awaken The Dawn Devotional worship in  the All Tribes House of Prayer room

9:30Am  Worship Jonathan Maracle & Broken Walls special drum set  and Jamie and Jonathan  Fitt  and PTOD Team  

SharingBrian Houston (Belfast Ireland)

Keynote Speaker Ray Hughes 

Thursday Afternoon.  2:15pmAfternoon Breakout Sessions.

A)  MAIN SANCTUARY   Bill Pagaran and Jonathan Maracle (Arrow School of Worship- Embracing your indigenous Sound )

B). ALL TRIBES HOUSE HOP. Jamie Fitt and Shilo Ben Hod (Arrow School of Worship The Tabernacle of David Then and Now)  

C)  UPPER ROOM Apostolic Women Arise and Carry the Glory – DR Kathy Holcomb / Mary Faus 

D)  TRAILER:   JOY NEW WINE AND HEALING   Kevin Ford and Larry Pearson 

 7:00PM Thursday Evening 

 Worship. First Nations Worship with Broken Walls. 

Ministry Time Robby Cummings/ Alex Castillo and Team    

Sharing   Drs. Fred and Sue Rowe. The Global Watch and The Watchman Call

Keynote Speaker  DR GREG CRAWFORD 

Day 3 Friday, March 22nd


830AM    Awaken the Dawn Devotional Worship in  the All Tribes House of Prayer room.

9:30Am   Opening Worship. Session -Broken Walls Drum & Shilo Ben Hod from Israel 

1030Am  Panel Discussion  

11:15Am Ignite the Fire First Nations Commissioning

12:30-2PM  Lunch Break 

Friday Afternoon 

2:15PM     Small Group Breakout Sessions for Together as One participant  

2: 15PM   Breakout Session Main. Sanctuary for Arrow of Glory and Arrow School of Worship. Breakout   Session -Torrey Marcel Harper 


7:00 PM. Friday Evening 

7Worship Robby Cummings and Team. Brain Houston Alex Castillo 


Keynote Speaker  CHIEF KENNY BLACKSMITH from the Cree Nation 

Day 4 Saturday, March 23rd  

830AM   Awaken the Dawn  Devotional Worship  in the All Tribes House of Prayer room.

930AM   Worship with  OKAMA / TORREY HARPER 

Keynote Speakers  Willy JOCK from the Mohawk Nation  & Dr. Negiel Bigpond   from the Euchee Tribe  & Creek Nation)


Saturday Afternoon  Due to security concerns and the complexity of large  non military groups visiting the US War College  and the firsts nations children’s cemetery of the Carlisle Indian Boarding School  that sits inside the US war college we have had to cancel  this trip  offering to all that registered.  There will be a smaller  First Nations lead delegation that will  be welcomed to go by invitation only.  We apologize that we can not offer this to everyone but we do feel  the wisdom in going in with the  smaller delegation as we continue to build bridges with the  War College and believe the Lord  is directing us in  this way as well.   We will hand out in your welcome packet  information on how during your free time you can see the cemetery without having to go through security protocols. Thank you for your understanding.





Location: Downtown  Carlisle  Theatre  40 W High St, Carlisle, PA 17013.


One of Canada’s foremost indigenous authors was the late Richard Wagamese. Adapted from his celebrated novel of the same name, Indian Horse is a poignant drama that centers on the life of one man’s fight to preserve his history and his freedom.

Beginning in 1950s Ontario, eight-year old Ojibway-Anishinaabe Saul Indian Horse is pulled from his community and sent to one of Canada’s Catholic Residential schools. He is ordered not to use his native language or express his culture, a move that—as history knows all too well—could prove devastating. But Saul persists, finding a place of belonging and freedom within the system of oppression by mastering the game of hockey.

With newcomer Sladen Peltier in the leading role, the story of Indian Horse is one of a child’s determination to free himself from confines and reconcile the scars of the past with the hope of the future.

All Tribes continues the journey from our recent national gathering at David’s tent in Washington, DC to the location of the first federally released Indian Boarding School in the Nation.  We believe that from this place of historic pain for the First Nations people, we are being called to stand in the gap and release healing as we join together with the Body of Christ and intercede for a mighty awakening and the healing of the land throughout Turtle Island.


WEDNESDAY 20 2019 (5 1/2 HOURS)

3:30-5:30pm. HARP AND BOWL SET: Alex and Brandi Castillo

5:30-7pm INTERCESSION SET: Carol Kiger-Rice and Voice of the Bride

10:00PM -12MIDNIGHT.   NIGHT WATCH SET: Papabear Finney and team


THURSDAY 21, 2019. (10 1/2 HOURS)

6:00-8:00AM.  AWAKEN THE DAWN SET : Guy Gorman and team.

8:00-9:30: DEVOTIONAL SET:  Torrey  Marcell Harper

12noon-2PM HARP AND BOWL SET: Robby Cummings  

4:00-5:30/6:00pm PROPHETIC WORSHIP SET, w/ prophetic ministry for Arrow School participants. Worship:Carol Kiger-Rice. Prophetic ministry: various leaders.

6:00PM-7:00PM INTERCESSION SET: Carol Kiger-Rice and Voice of the Bride

10:00PM-12 MIDNIGHT.  NIGHT WATCH SET: Papabear Finney and team 


FRIDAY 22, 2019 (10 1/2 HOURS) 

6:00-8am:  AWAKEN THE DAWN SET: Guy Gorman

8:00-9:30: MORNING DEVOTIONAL SET: Teresa Greco


4:00-5:30/6pm: PROPHETIC WORSHIP SET w/ prophetic ministry for all conference attendees. 

Worship: Carol Kiger-Rice. Prophetic ministry: various leaders.

5:30-7:00pm INTERCESSION SET: Carol Kiger-Rice and Voice of the Bride

10:00PM-12 NIGHT WATCH SET: Papabear Finney


SATURDAY 23.    (3.5 HOURS)

6:00-8:00am: AWAKEN THE DAWN SET: Guy Gorman

8:00-9:30am:   MORNING DEVOTIONAL SET: Shilo Ben Hod from  Israel 

30 hours


The Arrow School of Worship and Creative Arts is a very special training track that will run throughout the Arrows of Glory gathering for those that register.
1) Tabernacle of David and the New Song of the Lord
2) Apostolic and Governmental Kingdom Worship
3) The Power in embracing your Indigenous sound
4) Becoming visual psalmists
5) Praise, worship and dance as intercession and warfare
Benefits of registering:
Premium seating in front throughout gathering.
Special time of impartation and prophetic ministry from special guests and teachers in afternoon breakout sessions.
Participate and train in our 36 hours of continuous worship tabernacle during the gathering.
Special afternoon service and land assignment at US Army War College, which was the location of the Carlisle Indian Boarding School.
Scholarships for First Nations Students

We are awarding a limited number of scholarships to the Arrow School of Worship track running during this gathering for First Nations young men and women ages 18- 35. We have a vision to see 10,000 First Nations warriors be equipped and sent forth as Arrows of Glory for the purposes of our Tribal King, Yeshua. We have an extraordinary line up of anointed First Nations teachers and worship leaders that will pour into and impact the Kingdom to these young warriors. Email: Drosen130@aol.com for more information.

Ray Hughes, Dr. Greg Crawford, Chief Kenny Blacksmith, Mary Faus, Jonathan Maracle, Bill Pagaran (from Broken Walls) Jamie and Jonathan Fitt, Carol Kiger-Rice.
Arrow School of Worship carries a vision to raise up a One New Man company made up of every tribe, tongue and nation that will be equipped and trained as Arrows of Glory to release the sound and reality of the Kingdom of God throughout the nations of the earth and even unto Israel. The Arrow School has also been given a vision to see 10,000 First Nations men and women be raised up as part of this One New Man company that are being called upon to lead and release the sound of heaven and awakening throughout Turtle Island and beyond.
The ARROW SCHOOL OF WORSHIP fully endorses other ministry schools, such as Two River Training Center in Mounds, OK under the leadership of Dr. Negiel Bigpond. Our desire is to partner, support and come alongside others as we know it will take a collaborative approach to raise up 10,000 First Nations men and women in the next 10 years to see this mighty army of worshippers arise.