Global Friends Partnership Gathering 2017
Thursday, December 14 – Saturday, December 16

 Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

7020 Stanley Avenue

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Friday, December 15th 
          Arrive:      Thursday, December 14, 2017 after 12 noon.
          Depart:     Saturday, December 16, 2017 after lunch. 
 Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre 

7020 Stanley Ave.,Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Hi Friends,

Again we are preparing for our third annual gathering of our Global Friends Partnership in Niagara Falls Canada. One of the greatest gifts we have besides our Messiah Jesus is our relational treasure we have with one another. Our time as always will be rich as we reconnect with those we share deep fellowship with and as well welcome others into this international family and Kingdom partnership.

There will be times of extravagant worship, prophetic and revelatory messages, corporate intercession for the Nations, intimate fellowship, as well as times to explore the beauty of the region.

We believe this to be again a significant convergent time as we have recently celebrated the 50-year Jubilee of the reunification of Jerusalem. We look to the 70-year anniversary of Israel becoming a nation in May of 2018. Also the 500-year anniversary of the Great Reformation this October, 31, 2017. The 150 Anniversary of Canada becoming a nation in 2017. Along with these we are also seeing a great awakening of he original host peoples of turtle island arising and taking their God given place to bring healing and restoration to the land.

One of the significant anniversaries that Holy Spirit really highlighted to me is the 100 year anniversary of The Charge of the Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba which took place on 31 October 1917. It was the deciding historic battle at Beersheba that lead to the defeat of the Ottoman Empire making a way for the Balfour Declaration and setting off a chain of events that would eventually lead to the resurrection and re-establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948, after almost 2,000 years of Jewish exile.

I believe that this battle was so significant as it took place at Beersheba. Beersheba is mentioned among the “cities” given to the tribe of Simeon. Simeon’s name means to hear and Beersheba means place of oath and place of treaty. It is the place Abraham planted a very special tree and called on the Everlasting God

Gen 21:33 Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he called on the name of the LORD, the Everlasting God)

Many of us know The Tamarisk tree Abraham planted was the biblical origin of the Appeal to Heaven Flag that before the Revolutionary War began, General Washington formed and financed America’s first Navy and commissioned them to sail with this flag flying overhead. During the American Revolution, an evergreen tree on a white standard could be seen flying in Massachusetts and before long, throughout all thirteen colonies.

Important to know that that the Appeal to Heaven flag got its inspiration from the Iroquois First Nations Great Tree of Peace pictured below with the eagle on top and the weapons of war buried beneath the white roots of peace.

I believe that as we move into this new season of the open door of 5778 the Lord is releasing a charge from heaven of one new man light horse brigade companies. These strategic companies will walk in love, forgiveness, humility and power with heaven and one another to contend for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth for the next great awakening.

As the battle of the charge of the light horse brigade over Beersheba was so significant in changing the course of destiny and history for Israel I believe the Lord is raising up His One New Man forerunning companies to contend for our victory at Beersheba here on Turtle Island. I believe that together we are one of those companies!!

It is no coincidence that we we are again gathering during the Feast of Dedication “Hanukah”. This Feast commemorates the story of the Maccabees; a family that were united to make a charge as a light force brigade and awakened to be freedom fighters and liberators against the tyranny of the day, to take back the temple and restore the Land.

Please consider joining us this special time. We were able to secure The Mount Carmel Spiritual Retreat Center in Niagara Falls where we will be able to lodge and have our meals together.

We will in the next couple weeks have all the details for you including a costs and a registration sign up on our website. I will send out a notice when that is up and running.

I so look forward to being with you all soon.

David and Terri Rosen 
For more information, please contact David Rosen at
or Terri Rosen at

Special Guest Speakers & Conveners

Kamal Saleem

Kamal Saleem was born to a large Sunni Muslim family in the heart of the Middle East. Kamal was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood at an early age and completed his first mission to Israel at the age of seven. He continued to work on behalf of Islamic Jihad all over the world until while in America, his world was turned upside down; in 1985 Kamal was seriously injured in an automobile accident. Christian men aided Kamal at the accident scene, and continued to physically and emotionally nurture him back to health. The love and sacrificial giving of these men demonstrated to Kamal the unconditional, redemptive love of Christ and he cried out to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob acknowledging his need for the Savior. Kamal has since become a man on a new mission, as an Ambassador for Christ, the one true and living God.

Pastor Willie and Sandy Jock

Willie is senior pastor and co-founder along with his wife Sandy, of New Life Christian Church located on the Mohawk territory of Akwesasne in Northern New York state and Canada. Willie is a member of the Mohawk Nation of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy and has a heart to see life giving healing centers established on all Iroquois territories, as well as other indigenous settings.
Willie and Sandy are part of a First Nations Strategic Warfare Team endeavoring to link up with the church at large to accomplish healing through the power of forgiveness.
Their contact information is

JC & Maria Alzamora

JC Alzamora is a Revivalist & Ministry Partner of HarvestNet International.

JC and his wife Maria began their ministry together in Caracas, Venezuela. For over 25 years JC has labored with Christ to establish, encourage and release revival ministry around the world. His heart is to equip church leaders with breakthrough strategies, apostolic training and spirit filled ministry that releases authentic transformation and sustained revival in the church.

Donna Milham

Rev. Donna Milham is founder of Eagle & Dove Ministries. She is called as an apostolic leader to train, equip and release others in living a Galatians 2:20 lifestyle. Her desire is for God’s people to know the love of God in an experiential way and be established on the foundation of what His Word has to say regarding who they are in Christ.

She loves to lead others in the contemplative art of waiting on God and hearing His voice. Her heart’s cry is to minister to the Lord and to give Him His heart’s desire. She has a passion for the Body to corporately encounter and minister to the Lord. Her mission is that the world will know His jealous roar of passionate love and respond in holy abandonment.

Larry & Jacqueline Pearson

Larry Pearson is a minister who enjoys teaching on the Spirit-led life, new creation realities and our identity as Sons seated with Christ in heavenly realms.
Adding life coaching into the mix, His desire is to see the release of the power of God in all of His fullness, along with the true expression of the Father’s love.

Kevin and Cynthia Ford

Kevin Ford travels to the nations, ministering by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing and reconciliation to the Body of Christ, revival to the nations, and the hope of heaven to the hopeless. Kevin has recently returned from Peru where there were many magnificent miracles. The blind receive their sight again, the deaf hear, the lame walk, cancer was healed, and much more.
He has been involved with many church plants in through out the USA and other nations. New England, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, California, Washington, Idaho, Peru, Nepal, New Zealand, South Africa, and many more as Kevin & Cynthia Ford continue working closely with Wayne C & Irene Joy Anderson and International Apostolic Ministries. Kevin’s meetings are filled with joy as he has experienced a wonder filled ministry of encouraging people to go on in life in the Power of the Holy Spirit, being used of God in miracles, healing, and deliverance ministry.

John & Liz Hawley

John and Liz Hawley are called to the marketplace. Liz has an accomplished interior design business and retail store, and loves creating atmospheres that honour God. John is a land developer. Together they have co founded a 55 acre architecturally protected new community in Niagara on the Lake called The Village. A Centre for Learning and the Arts will be built in the Village Centre to host the coming Kingdom creative renaissance and reformation.
They have three sons all who are now married.

David and Terri Rose

David Rosen is the Founder of the Life Center, which is a Healing and Training Center in Williston, Vermont. David carries a unique blend of hunger and passion for the kingdom of God, a Jewish heritage and Mohawk adoption. David has ministered in many nations in the US, Canada, Africa, Albania, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, UK and First Nations people groups. He holds a degree as a Registered Nurse and is an entrepreneur and owner along with his wife Terri of Griswold Home Care of Northern Vermont, Cumberland County, PA and Blair County, PA with a mission to honor our seniors in the land and allow them to age in place with dignity in their own homes.
David currently lives in Central PA with Terri and their 10 year old son Josiah and is in the process of also planting a One New Man Messianic expression called the Shalom Center in the Camp Hill region of PA.

Chief Musicians & Worship Leaders

Barbara & Barry Simmons

We are Barry and Barbara Simmons (aka Buster and Babbles), a music duo that groove with rock/jazz/pop sounds to bring healing and inspiration. Our music is widely available on the radio, on download sites or as CD’s for purchase.    

We do live gigs and also spend a lot of time in the Jazz Kitchen, our professional recording and production studio. The award-nominated Jazz Kitchen is well-equipped with great gear, a comfortable atmosphere, loads of encouragement and two people who love to make great music!


Opening Session – Session 1
Speakers: TBA 
Worship Session
Session 2
Speakers: TBA
Session 3 – Special Luncheon & Outing
Leave Retreat Center 12:30PM
Return 4:30 -5:00PM 
Session 4
Speaker: Kamal Saleem
Session 5
Closing  Lunch Together 
Speakers: TBA


Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

7020 Stanley Avenue

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Cost:           $390 CDN ($314 US subject to currency fluctuations) per couple (Shared room)
                    $275 CDN ($220 US subject to currency fluctuations) per person (Single room)
(Includes registration fee, accommodations for two nights, meals and coffee breaks, use of meeting room and chapel)
Thursday –> Dinner             Friday –> Breakfast & Dinner         Saturday –> Breakfast & Lunch
A special Friday afternoon outing is planned along with
a luncheon that is not covered in above price
We would like all Global Friends to consider joining us for the whole time and stay on campus but for those not lodging with us or can only come for the day, there will be flat fee charge of $30.00 CDN = $ 23.26 US/ per person that would cover whole weekend. (Price does not include meals but does include coffee breaks)
Meal costs for those not staying on campus:
Breakfast $13 CDN = $10:08 US
Lunch $21 CDN = $16.28 US
Dinner $26 CDN = $20.16 US
For more information, please contact David Rosen at
or Terri Rosen at
Important Additional Information Concerning Extended Stay Options

Hi Friends

Some people have asked about being able to stay over Saturday night in Niagara. The facility can provide accommodation for anyone wanting to stay over Saturday night at the regular room rate of $85CDN however there would be no meals provided after lunch on Saturday as their kitchen staff will begin their Christmas shut down.

Also, I know that there may be a select few that may be staying over just on Friday night. The room rate during the event is quoted at the group rate of $74CDN per night and depending on what meals the people staying overnight have, you can add the meal costs as $12CDN for breakfast, $18CDN for lunch and $25CDN for dinner.
We so look forward to spending this appointed time with you!
For more information, please contact David Rosen at
or Terri Rosen at