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Dear Friends,

This year the Lord impressed upon us that this gathering needs to be a leaders advance called THE CHARGE. As David had 400 Mighty ones in the cave in preparation to receive His kingdom, we want to invite 400 mighty sons and daughters that refuse to play church and live in mediocrity, but want to receive the charge of heaven and are actually going to go forth and do something with it!!!! So whether you lead one, or many, or you just know you were created for something greater on the earth this may be for you

Please prayerfully consider standing with us as we gather in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a place of historic pain for the First Nations people and ground zero for the first federally released Indian boarding school which served as a model for all other boarding schools. Ten thousand First Nations sons and daughters were brought to this boarding school from all over Turtle Island with the mission to “kill the Indian but save the man.” We carry a vision to see 10,000 First Nations sons and daughters go forth as Arrows of Glory for the awakening of Turtle Island, the nations of the earth and even unto Israel. 

Many who have joined us  for past gathering know that these gathering are much more than your traditional conference. Our gatherings are a collision of kingdom relationships, divine appointments, a cross pollination of life, destinies & purposes revealed and a special reunion of His One New Man global family.

We look forward with excitement to being together with you soon. 

Shalom and Blessings in Messiah,

David and Terri Rosen, 

Together International and All Tribes DC
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