Together International believes the man the Lord sought to stand in the gap that He could not find in Ezekiel 22.30 is the very man He has found  and is awakening in our day.   It is the One New Man found in Ephesians 2 made up of every tribe, tongue and nation  walking together as the Body of Messiah for the Glory of God.  
Together International’s  organic partnerships of family and friends  believe that  fresh oil  does flow and God’s commanded  blessing is released in response to us walking together in  unity in the  spirit of Psalm 133 and John 17. Our name “Together” is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Yachad’, which means, together, united and being of one accord.
To Be Together
We recognize that even before we do or build anything together  it is vital that we first come and just learn to be together  We value and place our unified relationships with one another before ministry activity, and recognize the power of modeling in sincerity and truth a culture of Honor and love.  (John 13:14 & 34-35)
To Encourage
Jesus said that the Son of Man had nowhere to lay His head while He was on the earth.  We recognize that many of the Lord’s chosen leaders are struggling and starving without the support of those real and satisfying friendships and relationships, where they can find a place to rest their heads, be transparent and receive council and encouragement when they truly need it. Together International’s heart and mandate is to encourage God’s leaders so that they can fulfill their destiny on the earth, while experiencing the joy of life giving relationships with those who truly care about them.
To Connect
Because Together International is a cooperative of anointed ministries and individuals in covenant relationships across the globe, we recognize the great exporting potential of the synergy formed by such relationships that the Lord can use  to release His love around the earth.  In that sense, Together International can become a storehouse of Kingdom relationships that can  be used to touch the nations of the earth.
To Grow, Train and Strengthen
Because of Together International’s access to real, in depth relationships with spiritual fathers and mothers, men and women of extraordinary character and anointing across the earth, there is an incredible wealth of resources here to tap into for  Kingdom activation, mentoring and training.
To Change the Course of Human History 
Why not believe that we were created for a special purpose and destiny to be fulfilled on the earth? Why not believe that more can be accomplished working together than alone?  In humility, we wish to position ourselves before God with a ‘yes’ in our hearts.  We believe the Lord is able to take the foolish and weak things of this world and make them change agents of His Love as we journey together.