Together International Global Passover Summit 2019
“The War Cry of the New Era”
NEW  DATE  MARCH  20-23, 2019  Carlisle, PA.
Arrow School  
Worship & Creative Arts Track   More info coming soon!!!

Special Guests: Broken Walls- Jonathan Maracle and Bill Pagaran,

Ray Hughes,  Jonathan and Jamie Fitt,  Dr Greg Crawford,
Chief Kenny Blacksmith,  Mary Faus,  Dr. Negiel Bigpond,

Willie Jock,  Robby and Lindsey Cummings,  Allex Castillo  and others TBA.
Hosts – Together International and All Tribes DC
                 BrokeN WALLS 
              For such a time as this!
Alix Castillo  WORSHIP REBELS 
                                                                                                           ROBBY AND LINDSEY  CUMMINGS 
  Mary Faus                                                                                                                                                                      
                  Ray Hughes
DR  Niegel Bigpond                                                                                                                                                  
Chief Kenny Blacksmith
DR Greg Crawford                                                                                                                                                Willy Jock 
   All Tribes continues the Journey from our recent national gathering at David’s tent in Washington DC to the location of the first federally released Indian
Boarding School in the nation,  Carlisle PA.

We believe that from this place of historic pain for the first nations people we are being called to stand in the gap and release healing as we join together with the Body of Christ and intercede for a mighty awakening and the healing of the Land throughout turtle Island.