Together International Global Friends Partnership


“The War Cry of the New Era”
MARCH 20-23, 2019 Carlisle, PA.
Arrow School Worship & Creative Arts Track

36 Hours of prayer and worship throughout the gathering

Special Guests: Broken Walls

Jonathan Maracle and Bill Pagaran, Ray Hughes, Jonathan and

Jamie Fitt

, Dr Greg Crawford,

Chief Kenny Blacksmith,

OKAMA (Dr. Girsard and Peta Roberts)

Shilo Ben Hod (from Israel)

Mary Faus,

Dr. Negiel Bigpond,

Willie Jock,

Robby and Lindsey Cummings

Larry and Jacqueline Pearson

Allex Castillo, Ruth Willard,

Carol KIger Rice

Hosts – Together International and All Tribes DC

Together International is a partnership of friends representing lives that are fully given to the Lord and His purposes on the earth. Many have been described as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as well as Awakeners, Revivalists, Kingdom Abolitionists, Psalmists and more. But the most important title that we all aspire to is simply being Sons and Daughters of God that are learning to walk on the earth in un-offendable love.  
brian simmons
“We are so thrilled to hear of the outstanding efforts of our friends David and Terri Rosen to bring unity and revival to the nations. We stand with them as they stand in God’s purpose for this hour!  Be a part of what they’re doing for God’s Kingdom and stand together with them for a true spiritual awakening!”
— Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation Project


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